As part of the IMAF Global Internet Initiative, our GENDO publication is now available online. Selected archives are also available. For specific issues, requests can be made at GENDO Archives.

Currently, the GENDO is published on a bi-annual basis and will soon become a quarterly publication featuring the following segments:

- Upcoming Events
- Recent Events
- Member Articles
- Meijin Bios
- Selected IMAF Promotions
- Historical Figures & Moments in Martial AArts
- A Word From HQ

Members can view a copy of the current GENDO online using their user name and password provided in an e-mail from Headquarters. Non-members can view the GENDO archives online here at the IMAF site. Please refer to the side menu for details.

If you would like to request a copy of the current GENDO for evaluation purposes, please send a mail to GENDO Request.

Current and previous editions of the GENDO may not be reproduced, copied, ditributed electronically or otherwise without the express written consent of the International Martial Arts Federation. Please review the Terms of Use for details.

* 2016 Gendo Special Edition 02  
Featuring: 2016 Kokusai Budoin, IMAF All Japan Budo Exhibition, 2016 Japan Spring Seminar,2016 Kokusai Budoin, IMAF Americas Seminar, 2016 Kokusai Budoin, IMAF International European Seminar, 2017 events, and more...

* 2016 Gendo Special Edition 01  
Featuring: 2016 Kokusai Budoin, IMAF Americas Congress & Seminar, 2016 Puerto Rico seminar,2015 Kokusai Budoin, IMAF International European Seminar, 2015 Autumn Japan Seminar, international news, and more...

* 2015 Gendo Special Edition 01  
Featuring 2014 Autumn Seminar (Japan), 2015 All Japan Budo Exhibition, 2015 Scandinavian Seminar, upcoming 2015 International European Seminar - October 16 - 18 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and more...

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